SkyGod Recordings -- The Beginning, copyright July 2011 -

'SkyGod Recordings -- The Beginning' is the beginning of SkyGod Recordings music promotions.  Copyright July 2011, and released October 2011 through MP3 format available now online,

The album features:

Electronica dance tracks, Trance, Industrial Trance, House, and Contemporary instrumental music.

Track One: Run with the Wind' -- Wind soundtracks and melodic arpeggiations.

Track Two: When I Dream -- Cool contemporary/rhythmatic bass precussions.

Track Three:  Midnight Blue -- Contemporary, dance.  

Track Four:  The Sleeper -- Trance, electronic pulse.

Track Five:  Drop it Proper -- Euro style Trance.

Track Six:  Harder -- Dance/ heavy precussions/atmospheric bass/dimensional.

Track Seven:  Shimmers of Groove/Contemporary Experimental/Trance/Bass Continium and Trace Dynamics.

Track Eight:  Digital Spytz -- Experiemental/Trance.

Track Nine:  She's a Hologram -- Industrial Trance/Classical-experimental.

SkyGod Recordings 2011

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